Information about BBR

BBR Unternehmensberatung has a record of continunous growth and accomplishments since it was started in 1994 in Landshut (near Munich, Germany).

Our Services have directly resulted in the successful design and implementation of more than 100 Management Systems for more than 100 customers in 6 countries.

Our Workshops & Training Programs have earned the reputation for being hands-on and enabling participants to easily apply the array of newly learned skills in their daily jobs.

In many instances and even at difficult situations or highly complex procedures, our facilitation has allowed our customers to achieve tangible results, which were not deemed to have been possible.

Our consulting team integrates different sets of expertise into one comprehensive program to benefit you, the customer.


We aim to inspire you!

We receive more than two thirds of our contracts after recommendations made by existing customers!

No matter what your objectives, our customers can always be assured that:

Our motivated and highly qualified staff, using proven processes, will provide to our customers solutions that are economically sound, timely, and custom-designed to their specific needs, with documented benefits.

This vision forms the foundation for our success and growth, and represents for our entire team both, motivation and commitment.


Christian Rech


Domestic and International

Our customers are located regionally in cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Passau - and internationally in places such as Chicago and San Francisco.

Our customer base includes small businesses as well as major global corporations - our customers' employee base ranges from as few as two to well into the thousands.


We have industrial and commercial know-how in Production, Commerce, Trades, Plant Construction, Medical Products and Technology, Telecommunications, Service, Waste Disposal, and more.


We have realized successful projects with companies such as these:

Customer's feed-back is of great importance to us, because that is how we measure our success! Here are a few examples:

"We are approaching the final phase of our cooperation. Already now, I would liketo thank you very much and we are very much looking forward to a next project soon."

Daniela Jähn, Management representative of Kneipp'sche Stiftungen, 86825 Bad Wörishofen, Germany


"Everything worked out beautifully! The Auditor was fully satisfied, and I want to thank you again for the friendly and highly competent way in which you pushed all of us and led us to success!"

Jens Albrecht, A. Daul Umzüge GmbH, München, Germany


"We could not be more enthusiastic about the Moderator, his engagement and his abililty to convey his practical knowledge in an easily understood manner!... highly recommend! Precise answers, ingenious presentation techniques, absolutely exemplary!!!"

Feed-Back comments at a Quality Tools Training, Erlangen, Germany


"... many thanks for the successful training. ... Special praise for you and the manner in which you conduct the training."

Raymond Faught, Nokia Siemens Networks GmbH & Co KG, Manufacturing Support SMT, Bruchsal, Germany


"The FMEA under your guidance was certainly a highlight of the past year. It would be terrific if we could again work together. In any event, I have again... pushed for the implementation."

Markus Radlhammer, Nokia Siemens Networks GmbH & Co KG, Mobile Networks, Ulm, Germany


"Many thanks! I must again emphasize that the training last week was a superb class. Regards and all the best!"

Gabriele End, Siemens AG, A&D PT 4, Nürnberg, Germany


"Thanks for the superb support in our achieving ISO certification! It was for our company, and especially for me personally, a terrific experience to work with you. ... I was able to learn from you far more than an introduction to ISO."

Thomas Leenen, VITEMBAL GmbH, 50126 Bergheim, Germany


"...Many thanks for your superb support... I am very proud and grateful to you. Everything worked out well and is now the launch for a further improvement in quality, because what has been started is only the beginning."

Dr. Patricio Novoa, head physician der Kneipp’sche Stiftungen, 86825 Bad Wörishofen, Germany


"...The draft of the ISO-Documents were prepared so well, that we had to hardly make any changes... as the system we implemented, it is also not artificially inflated."

Dieter Koppe, Planungsbüro Koppe GmbH, 90459 Nürnberg, Germany


"...If I receive approval for further training sessions ... you will be our man!"

Stefan Zech, Dätwyler Kabel+System GmbH, 85375 Neufahrn, Germany


"... We are highly enthusiastic about your motivational skills!"

Elisabeth Kleber, Nachbarschaftshilfe Vaterstetten, 85598 Baldham, Germany


"In you customer surveys you should add one point: friendliness on the telephone . . . the friendly lady answering the telephone receives maximum points!"

Markus Hartmann, Hartmann elelektronik, 90542 Eckental, Germany


"... Thanks very much for your efforts! It worked out superbly!
The PDF's are in the Intranet and it is already working! ..."

Hermann Pankofer, Sonplas GmbH, 94315 Straubing, Germany


"... we have always been pleased with your quick reaction: even to complicated questions we receive very quick and competent answers..."

Thomas Bratke, berolina Schriftbild GmbH & Co KG, 15806 Dabendorf


“... many thanks again for the quick and perfect collaboration. The documentation and the entire "concept" was especially praised by the auditor!!! - "I have rarely seen such clear structures in the documentation, with so few questions."

Markus Hartmann, Hartmann elelektronik, 90542 Eckental, Germany


"...In today's Kick-Off meeting for the Improvement Projects our senior management expressed their gratitude for the "excellent results" achieved "in a very short time frame" by the teams..."

Frank Pietrowski, Siemens AG, A&D, 28014 Bremen, Germany


"...What really has brought a benefit to us: the swing toward measurability and systematic application of the analytical tools. We have become better and faster than planned!"

Philipp Bierschneider, Siemens AG, A&D, 28014 Bremen; Germany


"... without your optimism and experience we would never have succeeded ..."

Frank Trade,Trade GmbH, 71364 Winnenden, Germany


„... One cannot help but notice: with you everything has rhyme and reason! You have helped us a great deal! ...”

Barbara Wohanka, Wohanka & Kollegen, 84144 Geisenhausen, Germany


"... the ... certificates ... would not have been received without your absolutely professional and active support."

Herman Hendrawan, Huntsman Film Products GmbH, 76661 Philippsburg, Germany


„... because you triggered in me new thoughts and also motivated me to change some things to make the daily life a little easier.”

Elisabeth Osterried, Osterried GmbH, 86495 Eurasburg, Germany


"...the consultant explained everything very clearly and adapted himself very well to us; I am happy to recommend him any time!..."

Christof Classen, Albach GmbH & Co. KG, 65929 Frankfurt a. Main, Germany


"…It is really interesting to see one's company in a new light! That is extremely valuable!..."

Renate Gürtner, Josef Preisser OHG, 84061 Ergoldsbach, Germany


"...our staff ... thanks you for the competent and patient manner in which you joined them on the rocky road to Certification!"

Kurt Schmidt, Schmid Alarm GmbH, 82131 Stockdorf, Germany